NoteWorks: Game Progress


We are glad to inform about a new feature that has been released with the latest version of NoteWorks application: Sharing of Game Progress.

The feature allows music teachers to track their students’ game progress in the NoteWorks application. Every time a student runs the application or completes a level, the information about his game results will be synced to the portal and will become available for the teacher’s review.

To start sharing the game activities, each NoteWorks application should pass a three-step registration process:

Step 1.The teacher adds a student.

First the teacher needs to add the student's name to the 'My Students' list. Once added, the system will automatically generate for the student a unique Invitation Code.

Step 2.The student enters the Invitation Code in his NoteWorks application.

The teacher passes the Invitation Code to the student (or his parents) and asks him to enable sharing by entering the received code on the 'My Teachers' page of the NoteWorks application.

Step 3.The teacher receives a confirmation.

Once the student successfully completes Step 2, his NoteWorks application becomes associated with the student’s record. The teacher receives an appropriate email confirmation.


  • The 'Sharing of Game Progress' feature is available in the Full Version of the NoteWorks applications only.
  • An internet connection is required for the 'Sharing of Game Progress' feature.
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