Music expresses that which cannot be said and on which it is impossible to be silent.
Victor Hugo

What are we building and for whom?

For music students

We've just released the first in a series of interactive educational games, designed to teach music theory. The game is called NoteWorks.

The objective of the first iPad game is to teach note recognition and improve sight reading skills. Game options include treble and bass clefs (with the grand staff option) as well as tenor and alto clefs.

Students may identify notes using the piano keyboard and practice using the Do, Re, Mi or the A, B, C note naming. The game starts by teaching a limited range of notes, with the range gradually increasing. As the players acquire basic note reading skills, the game becomes more challenging, with the introduction of accidentals, and subsequently key signatures.

NoteWorks was created for:

  • iPad users of all ages.
  • Beginners to advanced music students.
  • Families with multiple players.
  • Music teachers with multiple students.

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For parents and families

We are in the process of building an interactive web based system, which would allow parents of music students who take private lessons to monitor their children's progress. Parents and music teachers would have access to homework practice assignments, lesson notes, repertoire, calendars, and other features that we are planning to introduce going forward.

The system is designed so that parents are in charge of initially setting up a family account, and they remain in charge. Junior users would get all the fun and enjoyment of playing educational interactive games, as well as the benefit of supervision by their parents and music teachers.

As features become available, we are planning to roll them out over time. Parents (and students above 18 years of age) are encouraged to create a free account by following the link below. We'll be sure to let you know when the system gets updated, and we would definitely appreciate any ideas you could provide.

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For music teachers

This web site is being designed by music teachers for music teachers. While the development aspects are handled by top notch information technology professionals, the business requirements and the related processes are identified by private music instructors with many years of teaching experience.

We understand the issues you face every day, and our goal is to create technology that would make your teaching practice more effective, more efficient, easier to manage, and more rewarding.

What are some of the objectives we are trying to achieve? Here are just a few examples: Help private music teachers find new students, as well as improve existing student retention. Allow teachers to spend less time during the lesson on music theory, and thus more time on technique, musicality, and performing skills. Increase the profitability of your music practice.

We welcome you to sign up for a free account, and grow with us.

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WARNING: This game can be addictive